This is me with my fish, Steve. He kept me company in the lab during grad school.

Welcome to The Science Kiddo! My name is Crystal and I am the founder of the Science Kiddo website and classes.

A Little About Me

I have two blonde-haired cuties who call me mom, ages 5 and 2. They always never fight or complain and they are sometimes always happy. I get to stay home with them to learn and play all day long. However, before I became a mom I earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in organic chemistry, after which I completed one year of a PhD in chemistry education. Now I do science with our kids and I love it.

We live in Portland, Oregon, and are totally head-over-heels-in-love with it! We ditched our car 18 months ago and choose to walk, bike, and bus everywhere we need to go because we are psychos. We love to be outside exploring all the parks, forests, mountains, and beaches, not to mention the Portland food carts and local restaurants.

Dr. Bubbles, the original Science Kiddo.

A Little About The Science Kiddo

Our mission is to share our love of science and math with the world! We often share fun science experiments or math activities. We also love to read, so we share a lot of the books we love. Sometimes we do theme weeks or special topic weeks. Mostly I just post what I think is fun and hope that others will think the same thing.

This blog is ideal for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and K-8 homeschoolers. Or anyone who wants to have fun. Or anyone who wants to win their science fair.

Occasionally I post rants on various unrelated topics. I can’t help it.

It would be awesome if you subscribed to our newsletter. I send it out maybe once a month and include links to various articles, information about giveaways, and cute pictures of my always-perfect, never-disobedient, always-clean-faced children. If we ever get too annoying you can always unsubscribe and I will cry I won’t even know.

Questions? Compliments? Accusations? Email thesciencekiddo@gmail.com

Our family with our cargo bike, Jane. Yes, we can all fit on it. No, it is not advisable.

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