Window Gel Clings | Valentine’s Day

I hesitated for a moment to post this activity because my windows are filthy. On the outside, guys. The hard to clean part. At any rate, you have to promise to only look at the gorgeous window gel clings we made for Valentine’s Day and to completely ignore the dirty windows. Let’s just say it’s our little secret, shall we? It would be so embarrassing if somehow these pictures got out on the internet and the entire world knew that I am not a perfect window-cleaner.

Window Gel Clings | Valentine's Day | The Science Kiddo

By now you are familiar with our window gel clings that are completely taste safe for kids. These sparkly window jelly tutorials have been some of our most popular posts here at The Science Kiddo! That makes me happy because it means lots of you in internet-land have beautifully decorated windows with happy kids to admire them.

For Valentine’s Day we used heart cookie cutters and pink, purple, and red food coloring. We also used healthy doses of pink and purple glitter.

Window Gel Clings | Valentine's Day | The Science Kiddo

Please go to my original post to grab the recipe and instructions.

Customize them however you want to! We have now made spring/summer window gel clings, Halloween jellies, and Christmas gel stickers. Our house looks naked without gel clings in our windows.

Enjoy your beautiful decorations and let me know how they work! Better yet, stop by Facebook and upload a picture of your heartful creations to inspire all of us!

This post was inspired by a lovely series called 14 Days of Love. Check it out to find over a dozen beautiful love-inspired activities from bloggers from all over the web!

14 Days of Love Blog Tour | The Science Kiddo

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6 responses to “Window Gel Clings | Valentine’s Day

  1. These are totally awesome. Who cares about the windows. You should see mine. Seriously! It would be nice if I only had time to clean the windows. Thanks for sharing this awesome craft. I'm pinning it to the Be Mine Pinterest board.


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