Ice Art | Winter Science

The moment I saw these beautiful creations from The Artful Parent and Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas I knew we were going to have to try this hands-on science activity out for ourselves.

We have a history with salt and ice after all! We have learned in several different ways how salt melts ice. First we did our Fishing for Ice experiment. Then we made ice cream and fruity slushy drink using the super cooling power of a salty icey mixture. It’s only natural we should do an artsy science experiment with salt and ice now!

This experiment is quick, easy to clean up, and completely dazzling!

Ice Art | Winter Science | The Science Kiddo

Total Time: 5-30 minutes, depending on how engaged the kids are!
Safety Concerns: None.

Ice Art | Winter Science | The Science Kiddo

Materials You Need:
Ice cubes
Table salt
Liquid Watercolors
My kids also used glitter glue and glitter, which added a very festive flare, but it is certainly not required!

Ice Art | Winter Science | The Science Kiddo


  • Place the ice cubes in a tub, a casserole dish, or a baking sheet.
  • Have the kids sprinkle salt over the ice. Wait a few minutes and watch how the individual grains of salt melt tunnels into the ice.
  • Paint the ice using your liquid watercolors. Watch how the colors fall into the caves created by the salt. Admire your beautiful creations!
Ice Art | Winter Science | The Science Kiddo

Want more ways to play and learn with ice? Check out these six simple ice science activities!

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