Ant Attack!

Sometimes science experiments are complicated and require a lot of materials and detailed instructions. However, science experiments can also be incredibly simple while being just as fun and interesting as the complicated projects.

This experiment is very simple and basically takes no time at all. All you need to do is cut up an apple and place one slice near some ants (probably best to place the apple several feet away from your house so the ants don’t come inside!). It’s preferable if the apple is on some concrete so you can see the trails that the ants follow.

Watch what the ants do. Do they carry pieces of the apple away? Where do they carry the pieces? Do the ants follow the same path every time? Do they help each other or do they fight?

Check your apple slice after one hour. Are there more ants? What are they doing?

What happens if you move the apple an inch or two to the side? What do the ants do?

Watching how ants work together can be fascinating. Ants leave trails of chemicals called pheromones that alert other members of the colony that there is food on the path. This is why each member of the colony continuously walks the same route to the food and back to their nest. What happens if you place a leaf or a rock in the middle of their path?

This experiment will turn a lazy summer afternoon into an exciting discovery of ants and their behavior. Enjoy!

Thanks to 50 Science Things to Make & Do for this fantastic idea!

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