DIY Taste-Safe Window Gel Clings

Window gel stickers? Window jellies? Window gels? I really don’t know what they are called, but my kids love them. How would you like to make your own gel clings that are not only cute, but also edible? I thought so.

DIY Taste-Safe Window Gel Clings | The Science Kiddo

Now before you think I have gone too artsy on the Science Kiddo, just stay tuned. There is a ton of science your kids can learn from this in addition to it being a great creative outlet and fun activity for you to do as a family.

It’s really simple and only takes a few ingredients. Our window jellies turned out beautiful and fun, just in time to catch the sun’s warm spring rays in our window.

Total Time: About 10 minutes to prepare, 20 minutes to color, 10 minutes to cut out with some waiting time between each step.
Safety Concerns: You will need to boil water for this. Just watch your kids around hot water and the resulting hot gelatin. Let it cool a bit before your kids get close.

DIY Taste-Safe Window Gel Clings | The Science Kiddo

Materials You Need:

Four cups of boiling water
Six packets of unflavored gelatin (about 43 grams)
Food coloring and glitter of your choice
Googly eyes and/or beads, if desired
One large cookie sheet with a rim
Cookie cutters

DIY Taste-Safe Window Gel Clings | The Science Kiddo


  • p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link  Add gelatin all at once to the hot water. Use a whisk to stir to make sure it all dissolves. Spoon out any bubbles.
  • Pour the mixture into the baking sheet. You want it to be about a quarter of an inch thick (½ – ¾ cm). It doesn’t have to be exact, but make sure it is level.
  • Once the gelatin mixture has cooled a bit (10-15 minutes), have fun dropping food coloring into the gel and swirling it around with a toothpick. For extra flare, sprinkle glitter over the top or add a few beads or googly eyes. You probably only have about 30 minutes before the gelatin starts to harden, so don’t dawdle!
  • When you are done decorating, let the gelatin harden for at least a couple of hours. Leaving it out uncovered overnight yields the best results.
  • Once it has set, use cookie cutters to cut out shapes or cut out your own shapes using a butter knife.
  • Use a spatula to carefully lift the gel shapes out of the pan. Don’t worry if they tear because you can simply mold them back together on the window. Stick them onto the windows and enjoy!

Print These Instructions

*Please Note: I have had some readers say their gel clings were too wet or heavy and didn’t stick to the window. If this happens to you, simply leave your pan of gelatin out uncovered overnight and try again in the morning. If they are still too heavy, leave them again until the next day. Each day, water evaporates out of the gelatin, making it stickier and lighter, thus more likely to stick to your window!

DIY Taste-Safe Window Gel Clings | The Science Kiddo

Easy, right? One thing I love about decorating the gelatin is that it is much more viscous, or thicker, than water. This means that you can decorate each corner differently and the colors/glitter won’t run into each other. You can customize the colors and shapes for whatever holiday or season you want!

DIY Taste-Safe Window Gel Clings | The Science Kiddo

If you want to incorporate more science into this activity you could pour some water into a pan, drop colors into it, and compare how it behaves differently from the gelatin mixture. Then do the same thing with vegetable oil. (We did this in our Color Bombs experiment.) You could also observe how your window gels evaporate after a few days on the window, leaving behind paper-thin dry shapes.

DIY Taste-Safe Window Gel Clings | The Science Kiddo

Note: You probably won’t be able to take these jellies off your window and put them back on more than a few times before they tear beyond repair. They are slightly more delicate than the window gels available at the store.

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