Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow, but the Blue Stuff is Probably Fine

This week we got hit with a major snowstorm for these parts. Because Portland doesn’t own more that a handful of snowplows we have been stuck inside for three straight days now. Lucky for you, we have been doing lots of fun experiments with the snow to stay entertained!

It’s cold outside, so we opted to bring the snow in rather than take our bodies out. We gathered up our ice cube trays and some food coloring and we were good to go.

Place some snow in each ice cube compartment and then add 1-2 drops of food coloring of your choice. Mix and match colors to see what happens as the snow melts!

This is a great experiment for a few reasons. First, it shows the child that snow is in fact frozen water. We always teach them this, but it’s always so surprising when they actually see it for themselves. Second, it illustrates what happens when two colors mix. The child can see for themselves that they added one drop of red and one drop of blue, and as the snow melts they will see purple water. Finally, it’s a fun and easy experiment that even got me excited that there was snow on the ground.

What other fun experiments are you doing this winter?

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