Make a Straw Pan Flute

For our art project this week we combined a craft with music and math to make a little pan flute! It was super easy and really fun. The best part is that when Tommy “plays” his flute by blowing over the straws it makes sounds, but it’s not annoying like so many noise-makers are. I know you moms out there will appreciate that 🙂

We did this project in connection with our respiratory system theme this week. Isn’t it amazing how many fun things we can do with our lungs?

The boys picked about 7 straws with which to make their flutes. Then we laid a piece of tape sticky-side-up on the table and put one straw on it. We used a ruler to measure the straws and cut about once inch off the next one, then two inches off the one after that, and so on.
Line them up from biggest to smallest with the tops of the straws all flush in a line. Then fold the tape over and voila! Flute magic!

Thanks to Classic Play for the great idea and tutorial!

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